Hello Kate,
What a happy notice that the parcel has been returned to you. Yes I am still happy to buy it! As for payment, I have my funds only in GBP at present and I would not like to transfer it to USD because for poor exchange rate on Paypal. I think you will be able to make your account to accept payment in both USD and GBP. It was not trouble for me to open my account to multiple currency. I hope it will not be trouble for you too. Could you kindly try it? Cressent


Hello Cressent
I’ve been into my paypal account (,profile,—payment recieving preferences)and marked’accept payment in any currency and convert to dollars’ so I think that should do it. If you are more experienced than I am please advise me.I will accept your payment in GBP I just need to know how to do it
.Regards Jean


Hello Kate,
I think it would be better for you to open your account to GBP first. For a start, into your account – profile, click Currency Balances. And mark Pound Sterling then click Open Balance. By doing this you will be able to have your balance in GBP. I suppose that you withdraw your funds to your UK bank. If you receive payment in GBP, you can hold it in GBP in your account. And you can withdraw it as it is. There is no exchange loss. Please try it.
If I send the payment now. It will automatically change into USD applied Paypal (rip-off) exchange rate. Also it will change into GBP applied Paypal (rip-off) exchange rate again when you withdraw it. It just waste of your money!
I hope you can undestand my bad English… Thank you for your trouble.
Kind regards,


Thanks Crescent
The payment has gone through,thank-you. Their costs were £3 in total so I think you were right to tell me to change my settings. Should i leave the account as GBP being my main currency or change back to dollars. I do not have many buyers who use £ — mainly dollars. I would be grateful for the advice. The parcel will be posted tomorrow when the post office opens. I would be grateful if you would let me know when you have got it and then I will do feedback for you.- have a nice weekend Kate


Hello Kate,
I am glad to hear my payment was successfully sent. It will be all right that you leave your account as Pound Sterling (Primary). It will be convenient to you because you can see your current total in Pounds Sterling. If someone send you USD it will be added on your USD Balance unless you close your account to USD. Payment only in a currency what you do not open will be converted to GBP.
Looking forward to get lovely XXXX. I will sure to let you know when it arrives. Many thanks,
Have a nice weekend to you too, Crescent

自分の国の言語でも、分からなかったりするもんなんですね。確かに、このmultiple currencyというヤツは、最初は???でした。実際にやってみて、やっと分かったって感じ。
私が何度も書いているPaypal (rip-off) exchange rate(ペイパル(ぼったくり)為替レート)というのは市場の為替レートの動きに応じて変動するPaypal独自の為替レートです。ドル1本だった頃は、クレジットカード払いでもドルで請求が来てましたから、市場のレートで換算されてましたが、今はこのぼったくりレートで日本円に換算されて請求されてます。バイヤーにとっては、このレートが見えない手数料となっています。