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I am wondering there are a lot of accesses from foreign search engines, google.de, google.pl, google.es, google.co.uk, google.bg, google.com.my, google.com.au, google.fr, google.ie, google.be, google.nl, google.com.mt, google.com.br, google.no, google.ee, google.co.nz, google.com.pk, google.hr, google.se, google.ca, google.fi, google.com.sg, google.at…I can not write down all.

Almost all visiters from these sites come by some keywaords "eBay.jp", "eBay JAPAN", "eBay.co.jp"
Back in 2001, I started my eBay experience on eBay Japan. Unfortunately, eBay Japan (eBay.jp, eBay JP, eBay.co.jp, イーベイ・ジャパン) was closed on 31th Mar. 2002. Because they could not increase the share of the market in Japan, for the shield of Yahoo auction Japan (YAFUOKU/ヤフオク).

Then, No Japanese on eBay?
Yes! we are still on eBay!

I do not know how many. But considerable Japanese eBayer are selling and buying on eBay. If you are looking for something from japan, you can use advanced search to narrow your search to item located in Japan. If you would like to sell your item to Japanese buyer, you just sell it with international shipping options. I hope to see you somewhere on eBay

I will follow up with some more information on this post if any.

[Additional post on 14th July 2011]
Terapeak Partners with Yahoo! JAPAN
Will Yahoo! JAPAN auction data be available easily in countries outside Japan?

[Additional post on 13th Nov. 2010]
From 17th Nov. Japan Post bans some of over 16 oz. parcels by air to U.S.A. Small seller in Japan might be affected. Please see also the post ?? Japan Post bans 16 oz-plus Air mails to the USA

[Additional post on 9th May. 2010]
EBay, Gmarket’s Ku in Japan, Singapore Joint Venture [Bloomberg May 06, 2010, 7:22 PM EDT]

[Additional post on 14th Aug. 2009]
Yahoo! JAPAN auction will close their English version site in February 2010.

[Additional post on 16th Jul. 2009]
Paypal is acting for establishment of their Japan office in April 2010. It will offer easier path to have online payment method easier to small EC site.

[Additional post on 24th Jan. 2009]
eBay.co.jp has come back as eBay Japan Export Center. At this stage, there are only a few contents to support sellers in Japan. No selling or buying.

[Additional post on 12th Dec. 2008]
Yahoo! JAPAN auction just has launched English version site.

Only a few items having descriptions in English are available at present.
It is the first step toward strengthening relation with eBay ?

[Additional post on 14th Nov. 2008]
eBay Japan will soon come back?!
It is partly true, not fully. eBay has launched eBay Japan team to help selles in Japan. They are beginning to inform Japanese sellers about some recent important change on eBay Blog.
And now it will be start as support and community site for Japanese ebayer. No selling or buying.

[Additional post on 30th Oct. 2008]
Rakuten Ichiba (楽天市場), the largest online shopping mall in Japan launched their International Shipping Services. Sorry I do not know further details about it.
 Rakuten International Shipping Services.
 (It’s annoying that the google translator for multiple language is available.)

[Additional post on 7th Dec. 2007]
on 4th Dec. 2007, Sekaimon.com was launched. This service allows Japanese consumers to buy from eBay.com even if they do not have their own eBay ID. It is pay service. Buyers pay 15% of winning bid and additional international postage.
 »»EBay, Yahoo Japan to link up auction services(Reuter Tue Dec 4, 2007 9:40am EST)
The service have not allowed non-Japanese speaking buyers to buy from Yahoo.jp auction yet. I think it is difficult to buy from Yahoo.jp auction to foreign buyers for some issues…language barrier, payment method, shipment, poor international trading skill of sellers…
There are some professional services for deputy of bidding or shopping. If you are willing to pay extra fee to buy from Japan try to use those services.
 Shopping from Japan – Crescent Trading
Japanese auction bidding services available on eBay

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  1. i am looking for an english language manual for my auto nav. radio and cd player.please help me so i can make use of it .it is fitted inmy rav4 which i baught from japan.
    it is a Fujitsu ten 135001-12300131
    toyota 08545-00570
    serial no.18601614
    model nmct w50

  2. i need great help from you.i have a fujitsu-ten nmct-w50,the manual is in japanese and i can understand nothing.it is a great cd player and i do not wish to change it.i need some information in english.thank you in advance

  3. Hi,    
    English manual is hard to find in Japan. Did you try to download the online manual? Fujitsu-ten is TOYOTA Specific edition by ECLIPSE. ECLIPSE AVN5510D is similar to nmct w50.
    Why do not you go to the maker’s site and contact them for further information.
    I am not familiar with car accessories. I am afraid I can not help you anymore. Thank you for loving Japanese product.

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