US onlyアイテムに入札してしまった...

2005/09/23 23:52

US onlyのアイテムに間違えて入札して平謝りのメール…。こんな失敗したのすっかり忘れてました。

I am high bidder on your eBay items ….I must apologize to you for my fault. I am a member in Japan. I am sorry, I did not realize that you do not ship to Asia. I can’t apologize enough for this.
Still I am hoping there are any chance that the item will be shipped to Japan. I wil be able to pay for this item International postal money order in USD. If it is not possible, how should I make up this. I will obey you.
Again, I’m terribly sorry for this.
Kind regards
Crystal Crescent


Hello Crescent,
Your letter is very kind.
The reason that I do not like to ship overseas is that the cost with insurance is usually very high and I feel bad about that. I am also concerned that the package arrives safely.
It appears that you are OK with that so I will find out the cost and let you know. Then, I would be happy to have a money order in US dollars.
It is a little more complicated than a domestic sale but that is OK and we will work it out.
Would you be kind enough to tell me what you like about the piece.
Best Regards,


Hello Caitlin,
I am so glad to hear that! Thank you for your kind offer.
I do not care about the cost of shipping and insurance if I can have the lovely *****. I sometimes sell on eBay to USA. So I think I understand about shipping cost is quite high. I am sorry to have troubled you, but please quote the shipping and insurance.
This ***** looks very beautiful and outstanding. I have never seen such a thing what have ***. It seems to have early art nouveau atmosphere and have an influence on japanesque art.
Unfortunately fine ***** like this is very hard to find these days.
I always search items on eBay only in items available to Japan. I suppose I have forgot to check it that time. Sorry it is trouble for you but It is lucky fault for me. Thank you again,
Kind regards,

そうだ、このセラーさんとは、後から何度かOff eBayの取引もしたんだった。




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