Buyer Requirements(入札者の条件)-入札できない!!-


まずはBuyer Requirements(入札者の条件)

This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements.
You are unable to bid on or buy this item because:You are registered in a country to which the seller doesn’t ship.
Note: If you are still interested in bidding on or buying this item, you may contact the seller and ask that they exempt you from any buyer requirements.
This seller doesn’t ship to your country.

こんな警告が出て入札出来なかったら、このBuyer Requirementsの設定が原因です。出品ページからはどのような制限が掛けられているか分かりません。
設定項目は、My eBay > My Account > PreferencesのSelling Preferencesの中にあります。

Select requirement
  • Important: Select buyer requirements carefully – they may reduce your selling success. The requirement(s) you select will be applied to your current and future listings, except as noted. eBay encourages you to learn more by visiting the Buyer Requirements Help page.

Buyers without a PayPal account

  • Block buyers who don’t have a PayPal account. (Note: This block only applies to future listings and can be disabled per item on the Sell Your Item form.)
    This requirement can help you avoid Unpaid Items, as PayPal account holders have up to an 80% lower Unpaid Item rate.

Buyers with Unpaid Item strikes

  • Block bidders and buyers who have received 【2~5】 Unpaid Item strike(s) within 【1/6/12】 month(s)
    This requirement can help you avoid bidders and buyers with a history of not paying for the items they have agreed to purchase.

Buyers in countries to which I don’t ship

  • Block buyers who are registered in countries to which I don’t ship.
    This requirement can help you avoid buyers who agree to purchase your items without realizing you don’t ship to their location.

Buyers with policy violation reports

  • Block buyers who have 【4/5/6/7】 Policy violation report(s) within 【1/6】 month(s)
    This requirement can help you block buyers who have been reported to have violated eBay policies.

Buyers with a negative feedback score

  • Block buyers who have a feedback score of 【-1/-2/-3】 or lower.
    This requirement can help you avoid buyers who have received more negative than positive feedback from other eBay members bidding on your item.

Buyers who may bid on several of my items and not pay for them

  • Block buyers who are currently winning or have bought 【1~100】 of my items in the last 10 days.
  • Only apply this block to buyers who have a feedback score of 【0~5】 or lower.
    Consider selecting this requirement if you are selling expensive items and don’t want to sell over a certain number to any single buyer. Learn more about how this requirement works.

  • Apply above settings to active and future listings.
    Existing bids will not be affected.
    Turbo Lister will pick up these settings after you sync each item with eBay. Third-party listing tools will pick up these settings after you synchronize the tools with eBay.


Buyer requirementsはSelling Preferencesでの一括設定の他に、出品フォームでアイテム毎に設定する事もできます。
»» 入札者制限、よりきめ細かく

»»Buyer/Bidder Management(入札者の管理)

Buyer Requirementsに引っ掛かって入札できない時の対処法・セラーさんに制限の解除をお願いする場合の英文は
»»Buyer/Bidder Management(入札者の管理)

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