Buyer/Bidder Management(入札者の管理)

Buyer Requirements(入札者の条件)はセラーのアイテム全体・アイテム毎の条件を決定します。個々のバイヤーの入札を許可したり、ブロックしたい場合はBuyer/Bidder Managementで設定します。

Buyer/Bidder Management
Use the following tools to manage which users can or cannot bid on, or buy, your items.
Note: Please use these features cautiously as they may limit the number of bids or sales for your items.

Blocked Bidder/Buyer List

Set up a list of bidders/buyers who will no longer be able to bid on, or purchase, your listings. The list will apply to all your items. You can add or delete bidders/buyers at any time.
Add an eBay user to my Blocked Bidder/Buyer List
Blocking a bidder/buyerについてのQ&Aはこちらです。

Pre-approved Bidder/Buyer List

You can create your own pre-approved bidder list for any item. The list will only allow those users you have on your list to bid on, or purchase, your items. Any user who is not in your pre-approved list will be asked to contact you by email before they can place a bid or purchase your item. You can add or delete users up until your listing ends.
Add an item to my Pre-approved Bidder/Buyer List

Buyer Block Exemption List

If you’ve already set up buyer blocks but you want to let certain users through regardless of the blocks
you’ve set, you can create a list of specific, exempt users. You can use the buyer block exemption list to let specific users through, regardless of the blocks you’ve set.
Add a buyer to my Buyer Block Exemption List
Buyer Requirementsで設定した条件に関係なく入札出来るバイヤーを設定します。

Buyer Requirementsの「Buyers in countries to which I don’t ship」で入札をブロックされたらここの「Buyer Block Exemption List」に登録してくれるように頼んでみるのが良さそうです。そしたら、他のブロックされてる条件のバイヤーを出し抜いて自分だけが入札できます

「Please add my ID to your Buyer Block Exemption List.(私のIDをバイヤーブロックから除外するリストに加えて下さい。)

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