Japan Post bans 16 oz-plus Air mails to the USA

【2010.11.30 Update】
Good News !!! The ban on Air mails and parcels to the US will be lifted on December 1st 2010 !!!

From 17th Nov. Japan Post bans some of over 16 oz Air mails or parcels to the US. Small seller on eBay in Japan might be affected. I was shocked to hear the announcement. I could not belive it and hoped that it would be withdrawn or there would be some loosening. But It seems to go into effect with no change.

【2010.11.26 Update】
The English version statement has been added on the JAPAN POST site.
Regarding Temporary Suspension of Airmail Items Shipment to USA

eBay Japan sent email to Japanese sellers about this problem. I think buyers in the US who love Japanese items should also be made aware of what is going on.

Here is the message.

JP POST Will Not Accept Parcels to the US Weighing Over 16 oz

Dear eBay Seller,

Please be aware of the latest shipping announcement from JP POST that may affect your shipments to the US.
(Japanese Only)

Air mails weighing above 16 oz to the US and its territories are not accepted by JP POST, unless you have a contract with JP Post
JP POST announced last Friday that air mail packages over 16 oz to the US and its territories are not acceptable from November 17th because JP POST does not have any methods of sending them to the destination due to the reinforcement of US air security against the recent activities of terrorists.

1. Unacceptable parcels
Items correspond to following conditions are not accepted by JP POST
US and its territories (Guam, Saipan, Wake islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Midway Atoll, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands )
Sort of shipment
Air mail
Air small packet
SAL small packet
Over 16 oz
All payment method except deferred payment (register needed)

2. Actionable Items
JP POST continuse to accept air mails or surface mail less than 16 oz.

For those of you who have a contract with JP Post, you will not be impacted and can continue to ship to any destination of any weight and size.

For those of you that currently do not have a contract with JP Post, please initiate the process as soon as possible as with your local JP Post office we estimate it will take 30-60 days to activate this account, so that you can resume your business on eBay [Including instructions from JP Post on how to do this].
Please make sure to take appropriate action to avoid BBE.
For items that weigh above 16oz, and if you are a seller that does not have a contract, you may want to consider cancelling listings until you find an alternate solution.

3. JP Post customer support center
If you would like to obtain further information, please visit the following site and reach out JP Post CS team.

# Check the weight of your shipping.
# Communicate immediately with buyer about current listings and items that will end around Wednesday.
# Check your listings that will end after Wednesday.
# Explore alternate shipping solutions such as Fedex.
# eBay team is exploring other alternative solutions for sellers that currently don’t have a contract in place to avoid disruption of their eBay businesses, so please stay tuned.

I know that printer toner cartridges weighing more than 16 oz are not be accepted for air travel and other mails are delayed due to security reasons after the bomb plot. I do not know why Japan Post bans all 16 oz-plus Air mails not only toner and ink cartridges and how long the strict measures would last.

Only small seller who do not have deferred payment method on Japan post is affected. They are going through procedure to overcome this problem.
Japanese stuff lovers, Please be patient and wait them back. Thank you.

Please see also the thread on eBay discussion board and share your information with each other.
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Japan Post’s Severe Freight Restriction on US-bound Shipments

【2010.11.27 Update】
Announcement from eBay Australia
***Australia Post surcharge for packages to the United States***
  24 November 2010

Announcement fromeBay UK
***Postal delays to US expected due to stricter screening of packages ***
  26 November, 2010

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